Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law




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Dec 29, 2023

Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Sales Company Information: Ryan Alldridge, Founder of Superpress

Location: Available upon request.

Telephone Number: Contact available upon request.

Email Address: Contact us at

Chief Operations Officer: Ryan Alldridge, Founder of Superpress

Additional Fees: None

Exchanges and Returns (Refund Policy)

We are proud to offer no questions asked refunds within 30 days of starting for all our plans. For annual subscriptions, we provide cancellations and refunds based on a pro-rated amount according to the monthly plan price.

Delivery Time

In our WordPress Support plans you can expect our team to respond within an average time frame of 15 minutes but can be up to 6 hours on occasion. Most tasks are completed within 2 to 6 hours, but allow for one business day, or two for extremely complex requests or issues. For the Maintain plan, please allow for a 24-hour response time for any inquiries.

Your website is continuously monitored. If it goes offline, and you subscribe to our Support plan, we will proactively get it back online as soon as possible. For the Maintain plan, the client will be notified of any outages, and it's the client's responsibility to get it back online.

Payment Information

Acceptable Payment Methods: We accept credit card payments.

Payment Period: Credit card payments are processed immediately.

Selling Price (All prices in USD)

Support: $279 per month, billed monthly

Growth: $579 per month, billed monthly